“I held my breath as we do sometimes to stop time when something wonderful has touched us…” —Mary Oliver

20150112-2015 cx nats 032-2

In 2015, Austin hosted the USA Cyclocross Nationals, and I got to witness first hand the kind of stamina, strength and perseverance it takes just to do this event, let alone win it.   Above is Katie Compton coming off the, brutal to me, limestone stairs. This year, I did not make the trek, but watched the 2016 Championship from my living room.  I am pretty sure my cheering was heard by the racers in Asheville.  Katie Compton pulled off her 12th National Championship win in a row.  This is a very rare probability and will keep me completely inspired for another year. Women’s racing rocks!         2015 USA Cyclocross Nationals, Austin, TX   1/12/2015


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